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Finding an online bookmaker that suits all your requirements could be a quite heinous task at times. Therefore, we work with top sports betting sites in Canada, to provide punters with an overview of betting options and bonus offers available.

Most bookmakers have also adjusted to this worldwide trend by either providing online sports betting websites or downloadable apps for their users to use. You’ll, in fact, find it hard to pick due to the huge number of online sports betting sites operating in the country. However, on our site, we provide you with tips on odds from the best online bookmakers all over the country.


How to bet online in Canada?

There are lots of betting sites in Canada but to recognize the best offers takes skill and expertise. Several highly reputable brands have been offering endless services to Canadian bettors for decades. BettingPro breaks down bookie options. Here, we provide you with an overview of what to look for when selecting a sportsbook – from betting guides, bonus offers, betting types, withdrawal options, and many others.

Similarly, our platform is created with a typical explanation of how to bet and win. We love to see our customers rejoicing over their wins, so we breakdown the interface to categories that would keep you up to date in sports gambling. Also, national PRO-Line betting, which is a popular pastime for Canadians, can be used as a second option.

Is it legal to bet online in Canada?

In no doubt, gambling has been present in Canadian culture for a decade, whether it is through different sport centres or online platforms.

Going back as far as the natives, playing cards were introduced in the late 1400s. During this period, games like Blackjack, Poker were developing as well as other table games like dice and checkers.

Sports Betting in Canada FAQ

How does online betting work? 
Online betting and the offline alternative have similarities as well as a few differences. A significant difference is an access to bonuses. Due to the availability of several bookies online, they offer bonuses, which serves as a perk. For offline betting, however, the issuing or offering of bonuses is not allowed.   Online sports bet are easy to place so far; the player is over 18 years old. Of course, the age requirements apply to offline betting as well. Online betting can be completed in a few minutes. The player only needs to create an account, deposit money, and pick a wager of any size.  
Can I place bets using bitcoin? 
Bitcoin is fast becoming a preferred payment method for most bettors. Several betting sites allow players to make deposits using Bitcoin. Most betting sites use the Bitcoin payment method to attract customers. Betting sites that accept Bitcoin include: 
  • Tigergaming 
  • Intertops 
  • Betonline 
  • Bodog 
Since many new betting sites are enabling the Bitcoin payment method, it is advisable to check the payment sections of your preferred betting platform, to ascertain the availability of this new option.
Are there other betting options apart from sports? 
Yes, the betting option includes but not limited to sports activities. There are also betting opportunities in other events. You can place bets on finances, entertainment, and politics inclusive. Your bets can be on the next political post holder in Canada and events about a celebrity's life.  Also, for International events like the Oscar, Grammy, and Emmy Awards, you can place a bet on your favourite celebrity and watch them win as you win also. 
Is betting online and at casinos safe? 
Yes, bet on both online betting sites and at casinos is very much safe. However, the advice is to be cautious due to crook vendors. Before getting involved with any online betting sites, ensure to do research and see if their reputation checks out.  There are several reviews on the best and trusted betting sites on our platform. These reviews are done by avid and seasoned players who use many criteria to decide the authenticity of online betting sites.  A criterion is security employed by the betting platform.  A good betting site should employ the use of the highly secure Norton technology to ensure the safety of all information and transaction details on the website. Additionally, it must comply with a yearly assessment to verify the integrity of the security measures in place and the compliance of the betting platform to the federal regulations.  Other criteria can be positive reviews from customers regarding payouts and easy navigation of the website. 
Which is the best online betting site in Canada? 
Online betting sites in Canada have varying offers that may attract players differently. The best is subject to each players' perspective. But for a grand betting adventure, Rabona is a no-brainer considering its huge market offers. Another fantastic one is Sports Interaction, which gives up to $200 bonus, and much better is Power Play with a $250 sign up bonus to place bets. 
How newbies fare in Canada's sports betting? 
Very well. Betting on sports can be done easily in Canada. It's legal, and when done strategically, a player can win big. To help newbies and newly registered customers, betting sites give sign up bonuses for them to test the waters. Also, the customer care support group renders assistance in terms of account creation, and we give helpful tips that will provide an overall good betting experience. 
How real are online Bonuses? 
Online bonuses are very real. Several reasons are attributed to why online betting sites give bonuses to each player. These bonuses are sometimes significant, and this makes some players question its authenticity. However, these bonuses are different tactics betting sites use to keep existing customers and attract new ones.  A bonus can be given to players as compensation for loyalty and consistency. Some bonuses are given at sign up for new users to get started. The sign-up bonus also aids players new to the world of betting. They will be able to use the bonus to cover for their losses till they get the hang of the game.  Some bonuses are in terms of free bets that allows a player to place bets without any risk. The money-back bonus is yet another type that allows a player to place bets risk-free. It's usually available for big events.