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NFL Picks and Betting Tips

We at Bettingpro provide free NFL expert picks that will ensure you can enjoy the beautiful game of Football with improved chances of winning your bets!

With our NFL predictions, there’s no need to lose sleep over your bets. Our experts at Bettingpro have mastered how to calculate the different factors which could affect a game and they provide the best NFL betting tips, NFL predictions for any market you might want to bet on (be it NFL picks and parlays, against the spread markets, Moneyline, or even future markets such as super bowl bets).

Best NFL Predictions For Today

Normally, NFL preseason games should be ongoing at the moment, but the NFL announced the cancellation of the preseason games mid-July.

However, the season still starts at the originally slated date (10th of September) where the defending champions, Kansas City Chiefs will be going head to head with the

Houston Texans at the Arrowhead Stadium. When the season starts, we will be there to walk you through stacking on each of the games of the 17-week long season, giving you NFL predictions for every single game.

What are the best sports bookmakers to bet on the NFL?

Getting a sportsbook that will provide the best odds for NFL games can be a heinous task at times. However, we have saved you the stress of searching by providing a list of some of the best NFL sportsbooks.


Live Stream NFL

Many NFL enthusiasts love to watch their favorite teams play and cheer them on from the comforts of their homes. However, there is always the problem of finding the right channel to watch the games on. This section will guide you through different ways you could watch your NFL games uninterrupted.

Betsafe: This betting website is known for its good odds as well as its excellent streaming services where games from both the regular season and the playoffs can be streamed.

Royal Panda: This is another top notch sportsbook that offers streaming services to watch your favorite NFL matches. All you need to do is open an account with them, and you can start streaming for free!

888 Sports Canada: Another sportsbook that gives access to streaming your NFL games. All that is needed is just to sign up with them.

How To Bet On The NFL

The unpredictability of NFL games can be a stumbling block for most bettors. This is because most people tend to bet on the favorites in most games and this might not always work out well. However, the real trick to winning a larger percentage of bets is being able to predict when the favorites will have a bad day, and when the underdogs will shine.

This involves a lot of research about both teams from their recent forms, to their team news even to the weather conditions on the day of the match (bad weather conditions most likely results on low scoring matches)

However, you do not have to worry about all these tedious factors as our experts at Bettingpro give the best NFL Predictions. We not only analyze the big matches but also include every single match of the 256-match long NFL season, providing you with the best picks and predictions in the NFL.

How to bet on the Super Bowl

The Superbowl is the biggest showdown event in pro football and all NFL lovers will want to have their money on either of the teams playing. How do you make sure you’re placing a winning bet? This is very simple!

You have to first pick the type of markets you’ll be placing your bets. There are different varieties of markets (Moneyline, points spread, parlay, over/under, etc.).

If you think you’re sure about the winning team, then, you should go with the Moneyline market where you simply have to pick the winner of the Super Bowl.

If you’re not sure of the winner, but you want to bet on the number of points a team will win or lose by, then the points spread market is your destination. These points spread are usually in multiples of 3 and 7 because a field goal is 3 points and a touchdown is 7 points.

If you want to bet on the combined score of the game, then you choose the over/under market. The score is usually set by the sportsbook and you only have to choose if the total score will be over or below the set score. For example, if the score is set at 50, if you think the combined score of the teams will be 51 points and above, then, you click the over 50 option. If you think the teams will score 49 points and below, then you pick the under 50 option.

There are still other options such as props, parlays, and futures (explained in the section below) where you can bet on other things apart from the result of the match.

Super Bowl odds and predictions tips

The next Super Bowl is the Superbowl LV (55) and even though the teams that will be playing are not yet decided (as the regular NFL season is yet to start), you can still lock in your bets for the Superbowl odds 2020 as some markets such as the Superbowl betting props market are open. Our experts will be providing free NFL picks that can help you decide on what team to place your money on.

NFL Football Betting Markets

Are you new to betting on NFL football and want some NFL championship predictions to help guide your bets? Then you need to learn about the different markets available for punting in the NFL.

Points Spread: This is one of the most popular markets as it is usually discussed among all bettors and NFL odd sharks. It involves betting on the number of points a team will lose or win by. Let’s give a practical example of an NFL spread:

If the New England Patriots are playing against the Los Angeles Rams and a particular sportsbook gives the Pats a spread of -4.5 and the Rams a spread of +4.5, then choosing the spread of the Pats means they have to win by 5 points or more for the bet to hit. If you pick the Rams spread, it means they have to win the match or lose by 4 points or less for the bet to hit.

Over/Under Markets: This market involves betting on the combined score of the game. The combined score of the game is usually set by the sportsbook and if a sportsbook sets the odds for a game at 50 points, then the combined score has to be 51 points or greater to win the over market or 49 or lesser to win the under market.

Props market: This involves betting on any activity in the game whether sporting or not. It could be receiving runs, sacks, interceptions if a player would get injured or anything at all. It is a very exciting market to bet on as it brings different possibilities to the fire.

Parlay market: This market involves the combination of two or more of the other markets such as combining points spread with a props market. For this type of bet to win, all combined markets must win as well. If one loses, the whole ticket is regarded as a loss.

Futures market: This market involves betting on future events such as placing bets on the teams that will make it to the Superbowl playoffs. This is also another exciting market but you should know that your money is going to be locked for a while depending on how distant your bet is.

FAQ about NFL Predictions

What does the minus and plus sign mean in points spread market?
The minus sign represents the favourites in a game while the plus sign represents the underdogs.
How can I predict the best market to bet on?
It depends on the type of team playing. If high-scoring teams are playing, then you should probably go with the over/under markets. If you’re sure about the winner of the game, then place your bets on the Moneyline market.
How do I get the best picks against the spreads for NFL games?
To bet against the spread, it means you are betting on the underdog. Before choosing to bet on the underdogs, you must have done careful research on both teams to be able to come to that conclusion. You could also simply check our experts’ verdicts on the games.
How can I get free NFL picks with the spread?
Our experts are just one click away. They will help you decide on the best picks with the spread for every game of the NFL season.
How can I get NFL betting tips against the spread?
All you need to do is visit our experts' page at Bettingpro. They provide tips on whatever market you want to bet on.