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NHL Free Picks and Betting Tips

Do you need NHL Hockey picks so you can place your bets? Our experts at Bettingpro can help with that as we will be analyzing every single game from the postseason playoffs right to the Stanley Cup finals and providing free NHL predictions for each of them. Our NHL picks expert will use their years of expertise in sports betting to analyze the best odds for you.

Our NHL experts will be analyzing every single match of this playoffs and give free NHL tips as well as provide sportsbooks which give the best NHL odds. The best NHL picks and parlays will be published daily by our expert handicappers here on Bettingpro.

Best NHL Tips For Today

Are you still looking to place your NHL bets tonight? Then look no further as our experts have analyzed the best NHL bets for today’s games and here’s our hockey predictions for tonight:

Our expert handicappers will be analyzing every single NHL game in this coming week and all other games leading straight to the Stanley Cup finals. They provide accurate NHL Hockey predictions and betting tips. Our aim is to make your NHL betting very easy and help you win a large percentage of your bets.

Where to find the best NHL odds and picks

Our free NHL picks are only useful when you can find the best sportsbooks to provide NHL playoff odds to place your bets with. Therefore, we have shortlisted some of the best sportsbooks in Canada which give very good Hockey odds:

Live stream NHL Hockey

Many Hockey lovers do not know how to access their favorite teams’ games live. This section will highlight different sources that stream NHL matches live without any buffering or issues.

Betsafe: This betting website provides excellent streaming services for different sports as well as good odds for bettors to exploit.

Royal Panda: Royal Panda sportsbooks are not only known for the good odds they give but also their very reliable streaming services. They cover varieties of sports including hockey.

888sport Canada: They give bettors who use their website another way to stream their matches without having to pay a dime.

How To Bet On The NHL

NHL games come with a lot of excitement and wild moments especially in the ending moment. Before you place any bets on games, it is advisable to judiciously study the team sheets, injuries and playing styles of the teams playing. This will help to indicate the team that has an edge over the other. Also, you can simply subscribe to the opinions of our experts who predict every single game of the NHL regular season, the playoffs and finals.

Who are the best NHL teams?

Due to the long break in play many players came back rusty and the performances were generally not too good. After a few rounds of matches, most teams have stepped up their game and the contenders for this year’s Stanley Cup are starting to be clearer. It should be noted that this rating is based on the performance of the teams after the break only.

Vegas Golden Knights - The Golden knights have been top-notch right from the onset of the round robin stage. They went on an unbeaten streak against the top teams in the Western Conference, scoring 15 goals over the span of three games (even while missing their top scorer to injury). Their odds to win the Stanley Cup this year is very high. (or at least make it to the finals).

Colorado Avalanche - The Avs are known for their offensive prowess and power play style which has won them a lot of penalties since the restart. They still have some uncertainties in the team lineup, but they still pack a punch on any day.

Philadelphia Flyers - The Flyers were ranked top seed in the Eastern Conference which shows just how good they can be. They however still have some improvements to make on their playing areas such as in their power plays.

Tampa Bay Lightning - Winning two and drawing one of their three games in the round robin stage, these set of players have shown they are some of the best to ever don the uniform for Tampa Bay. However, one problem they are facing currently is the loss of some of their key players to injuries. They need those players back to boost their chances of going all the way to this year’s Stanley Cup.

Carolina Hurricanes - The Canes have not been in their best form since the restart, but they still outplayed New York and have one of the most underrated players in the league in Sebastian Ago. Their goaltenders have also done a very solid job since the restart.

These teams make up our list for the best teams in the NHL and if you’re looking for some NHL Stanley Cup odds to bet on, you can place stakes on them.

NHL Hockey Betting Markets

Are you new to the world of NHL betting and want to understand the different betting markets present? Then, you should read this:

Moneyline Bets - This is one of the easiest markets to place your stakes on. You simply have to choose the team that will win the game. This market however has the smallest odds due to its relative ease to predict.

Prop Bets - This market involves betting either on the individual performance of a player (player prop bets) or on the performance of the team (team prop bets). The player prop bets could either be on the number of points, assists, or goals for one player. The team prop bets are not so common but they usually involve betting on the first or last team to score, the team with the highest number of saves, and so on.

Futures Bets - This market involves betting on distant games e.g. betting on the winner of the 2021 Stanley Cup. It should be noted that your money will be locked away for quite a period.

Over/Under Bets - This type of bets involves the combined score of both teams. The lines are usually determined by the sportsbooks and you can choose either above or under the line. Another type of over/under bet is the grand salami where you bet on the total number of goals scored in one match day.

Parlay Bets - This type of bets involves combining either two or more of the markets explained above. These types of bets come with a higher level of risk but also give higher returns on bets.

How to bet on the Stanley Cup? Odds and Tips

Presently, it is advisable not to bet on the finals of this year’s Stanley Cup yet. However, one of the more viable markets is the semifinals. To bet on the teams to make it to the semifinals, you should check out the strongest performing teams currently and those that have players that can still go all the way for them.

You could also bet on the individual performances of some players. This would reduce your area of concentration when trying to analyze your bets.

You could also check our NHL expert picks for any bet you want to place. This is easier and gives more easier odds.

To find the best Stanley Cup odds, you can visit the sportsbooks reviewed above.

FAQ about NHL Predictions

How can I get the best NHL playoff odds?
You can visit the sportsbooks we reviewed above to find the best ice hockey odds
How can I get NHL predictions for tonight’s games?
They can be found in the upper part of this article
What is the easiest ice hockey betting market?
Every market comes with its own risks, but the relatively easier market would be the moneyline, where you simply must predict the winner of a match.
Can I bet on the 2021 Stanley Cup now?
Definitely! You can use the futures market which allows you to stake on the 2021 Stanley Cup.
Where can I find free NHL picks?
We provide the most accurate and free NHL picks here at Bettingpro.